How Addiction Affects Work Output

Substance abuse and addiction affect several parts of an addict’s life. This includes their health, education, relationships, and finances. However, many addicts are struggling in the workplace too. Addiction significantly affects your ability to give your best to anything, including your job.

That’s why it’s always best to avoid substance and drug dependence. However, suppose you’re already dealing with alcohol or drug addiction. Then, it’ll be best to seek professional help and care. The Carolina Recovery center in Raleigh can help you fight your addiction. After your time with us, you can then return to your efficient and productive self in your office.

How Does Addiction Affect My Job?

Drug and alcohol addiction affects employees in various ways. The effects are often varied too. Some of the workplace problems that stem from addiction include:

  • Lateness
  • Sleeping at work after a hangover
  • Tardiness and reduced efficiency
  • Stealing and other vices
  • Low work motivation
  • Fights and quarrels with co-workers
  • Workplace violence
  • Selling and sharing the addictive drugs at work
  • Increased expenses on disciplinary hearings and procedures
  • Increased costs of hiring and training new employees after business owners have to fire addicts
  • Lack of focus and concentration at work
  • Bad decision making
  • Constant sick leaves

All these downsides of drug dependence can poorly affect any company. So, human resource departments are often quick to recommend the sack of any addicts. This way, they can protect the integrity and success of the business.

Sources of Work-Related Addiction

Notably, employees don’t always import addiction into the workplace. Instead, their jobs can push them into that life. Some work factors make it easier for employees to get addicted to controlled and harmful substances. We explain some of these sources of drug dependence below.

Work Culture

An establishment’s work culture may be unknowingly pushing employees into addiction. For example, predominantly male occupations often consume alcohol as a sign of solidarity and comradeship. Therefore, it isn’t very difficult for workers to slip into alcohol addiction. Stressful and demanding jobs are also major sources of addiction.

This is because employees often have to find a way to cope with the pressure. So, they usually turn to drugs, alcohol, and other controlled substances. Jobs that require continuous physical exertion can also convert someone into an addict.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that construction workers have the highest rate of substance abuse. Such employees often have to take painkillers. Therefore, they can get addicted to these pills.

Alcohol Availability

For some businesses, drinking is part of the job. This is usually the case where employees have to attend several social functions. Alcohol and sometimes drugs are frequently available at these functions. In addition, the clients you host may think it impolite if you refuse a few drinks.

So, employees usually have no choice but to take alcohol during these events. However, it doesn’t take much for a social or work drinker to become an alcoholic. Jobs where alcohol can get into workstations also predispose workers to addiction. Some business owners even use alcohol to get employees to spend extra time.

Can Employers Stem the Tide of Addiction?

Yes, business owners can save their employees from drug dependence. In fact, it’s in their best interests to do so. Although the addict will suffer the financial consequences of a sack, this is because the business suffers too.

For example, the employer will have to employ and train a replacement. Then, suppose the work culture is responsible for addictions. Firing addicts and hiring new people will thus be a routine activity in that company.

Health Insurance

Healthcare and health insurance also suffer a big blow from employee drug dependence. This is because the cost of treating substance abuse is significantly high. Businesses that offer health insurance can also suffer from these bills. That’s why it’ll be best to prevent addiction rather than treat its consequences.

Company Substance Use Policies

Employers should have workplace substance use and abuse policies. It’ll be best if these rules ban all forms of drug and alcohol ingestion within the company. In addition, employees mustn’t take these substances in places or manners that can affect their work. Finally, the company must enforce these policies. For example, they can conduct periodic drug and alcohol tests.

Let Carolina Recovery Help You Save Your Job!

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