Addiction Treatment in Fayetteville: How Alcohol Affects You

Addiction treatment in Fayetteville may be exactly what a person needs to overcome addiction. We all have heard the word addiction quite often. But what actually is addiction? Simply speaking, addiction is a disorder of the brain which is characterized by continuously engaging the brain with pleasing stimuli regardless of its adverse outcomes.

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common forms of addiction. According to CDC statistics, nearly 25.1 percent of adults engage in heavy drinking in the U.S. at least once a day, while the mortality rate is due to alcohol use (such as alcoholic liver disease) rose to 29,505 in 2020 alone. With an increasing number of alcohol addicts in the country, many treatment centers have been established all over the country.

We help people begin changing their lives at our alcohol addiction treatment center in Fayetteville, NC. Before learning about treatment, it’s important to understand the adverse consequences of alcohol addiction.

Effects of Alcohol Addiction on Metabolism:

For a person to stay fit and healthy, they should consume a balanced diet. However, this is possibly hard for them if their metabolism is not at its finest. It is essential to know that alcohol substantially harms the digestive system, inhibiting a person from taking in and consuming nutrients.

Cause of Dehydration and an Inhibitor of the Healing Process:

Alcohol is a toxin that travels through the bloodstream to each tissue and organ, which significantly causes dehydration in the body, sores the body muscles, and reduces the body’s ability to heal from injuries abruptly.

Drawbacks of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on Physical Health:

Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to the birth of several diseases, including many kinds of cancers such as liver and lungs cancer and cardiovascular ailments like heart failure or stroke in the human body. Some other potential maladies include:

  • Cardiomyopathy
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer of the mouth, breast, voice box, rectum, colon, etc.

Not only this, but many studies have proved that excessive consumption of alcohol gives rise to obesity with an extended list of other destructive problems that come with it.

Addiction Treatment in Fayetteville, NC – Mental Health and Alcohol Consumption:

For an average human being, it is of utmost importance to understand that alcohol equally affects the meant health of a person. Therefore, addiction treatment in Fayetteville, NC, caters to individuals who suffer from mental health issues due to frequent alcohol consumption.

Research demonstrates that regular and heavy drinking amalgamates with brain chemicals that make a person feel good in the initial stages. However, this temporary feeling of positivity can often turn into anxiety and depression in the longer term. This makes it hard for the addict to manage their troublesome situation.

Disturbed Sleep Cycle:

Excessive alcohol consumption does not stop here, but it also devastates an addict’s entire sleeping pattern. This disturbed sleep cycle pattern gives birth to other associated damaging consequences, such as an inability to retain information. The ability of the hippocampus to learn new information necessary for the brain in order to form novel memories; due to excessive drinking is compromised.

Social and Relationship Problems:

People who are addicted to alcohol often face hardships in their social life. These difficulties include frequent family problems, arguments with intimate partners, isolation, and withdrawal from friends.

Other Negative Consequences:

Other serious possible outcomes of alcohol addiction include:

  • Car accidents and fatalities
  • Domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide
  • Chances of a miscarriage or still childbirth
  • Medical emergency due to alcohol poisoning

Are There any Benefits of Alcohol Consumption?

Although alcohol addiction is destructive for an individual’s physical, emotional and mental health, lower or mild consumption is not a big deal. In fact, many kinds of research suggest that a lower percentage of alcohol consumption is actually beneficial for health, including its advantageous effects on the cardiovascular system. Nonetheless, it is necessary to remember the rate of its consumption as lower or mild since even the slightest increase in the quantity can be equally damaging.

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The facts mentioned in this article are enough to suggest that excessive consumption of alcohol is destructive for anyone’s health. Moreover, overcoming this addiction is not easy, but addiction treatment in Fayetteville may help.

Reach out to the Carolina Recover Center in Fayetteville, NC today. With more than ample experience and expertise, our alcohol rehab treatment offers a 360-degree comprehensive approach with family therapy, where we involve the victim and their family to mitigate issues pertaining to alcohol consumption in a home-like environment.