Tips for Overcoming Addiction in Raleigh, NC

People who engage in addictive behaviors end up developing an addiction. There are several things that people become addicted to, but the most commonly discussed are drug and alcohol addiction. When people start substance abuse, they believe they have the willpower to quit at any time.

Some see addiction as a myth and as something that affects only weak people. So, to them, they are the exception to the rule. As a result, most people fail to realize they have become addicts until it’s too late. At this time, they may have become so dependent on the substance that they don’t want to let it go.

Provisional data from CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics indicate an estimated 100,306 drug overdose deaths in the United States during 12 months ending in April 2021. This was a significant 28.5% increase from the 78,056 deaths during the same period the year before.

Thankfully, it is possible to get over an addiction and get clean. This is what we offer the people who come to us at Carolina Recovery in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this article, we share helpful tips to get you on your way to alcohol or drug recovery.

8 Tips on Overcoming Addiction

People who do not die from an overdose or other complications from their addiction often have an adverse experience that makes them decide to make a change. Deciding to change is crucial, as it is the first step towards getting well. So now, after you’ve chosen to get clean and get your life in order, how do you overcome addiction?

Below are eight helpful tips.

  • Surround Yourself With Supportive People

After deciding to get clean, you need to sift through the people in your circle. If your closest friends are addicts, you may need to stay away from them, especially if they are unwilling to overcome their addiction. You need sober friends who’ll support you and help you stick to your decision. Yes, letting go of old friends may be challenging, but you will see the benefits and be thankful you did in the long run.

  • Find New Hobbies

Addictions often develop from bad habits or hobbies. So you need to find something positive to replace the negative. Also, staying busy is the best way to keep your mind off drugs or alcohol. In addition, having an exciting and rewarding hobby can help you find purpose and joy in life.

  • Exercise Often

Working out has always been good for the body and the mind, and there’s no better time to exercise than when trying to overcome addiction. As you improve your physical health, you will experience the “natural high” caused by endorphins, which, in turn, elevates your mood. Furthermore, an exercise routine helps structure your days and reduces the risk of relapsing.

  • Volunteer

Finding a worthy cause to support is always worthwhile. Plus, as a recovering addict, you get to help others and feel good about yourself. Giving back also enables you to find a sense of purpose, build healthy relationships, and have a sense of purpose.

  • Eat Healthy Food

As a recovering addict, you need to eat healthy, as the food you eat impacts your wellbeing. By consuming a healthy, well-rounded diet, you’ll keep yourself in shape physically and mentally. In addition, feeling good about yourself makes it less likely for you to turn to drugs for a mood booster.

  • Talk It Out

Talking to someone about your recovery process helps. So, find someone you can share your thoughts with, who understands your experiences and will support you through the difficult times. You can find a local sponsor, a support group, or a trusted friend to talk things out with.

  • Meditate

Mindfulness meditation helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It also helps to decrease blood pressure and improve immune function. Meditating will help you find peace and calm and quiet your mind in an otherwise turbulent time.

  • Seek Professional Help

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a long and challenging process. So, you should get professional help from a medical professional or treatment center. With structured programs, physicians and behavioral therapists can help you successfully overcome your addiction. In addition, they will provide a safe way to prevent relapses and maintain sobriety.

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