What Is Drug Tourism in Durham?

Drug tourism is when people travel to a destination to buy and use drugs for a reason. It could be recreational and doesn’t have to be a long trip. For example, people traveling to Durham for opioids would participate in drug tourism. Sometimes, people practice drug tourism in Durham because the drug they want is unavailable or illegal in their state or country. Therefore, they flock to popular destinations to obtain these substances.

Drug tourism has been around for centuries. The advancement of technology has made tourism even more popular, with over 1.46 billion international travelers in 2019 alone. With a spike in travel comes an increase in events and drug sales. In this article, the Carolina Recovery center in Durham explains what drug tourism in Durham means and its dangers.

Why Do People Practice Drug Tourism?

There are varying reasons why people indulge in drug tourism. A popular reason is that they want to unwind and enjoy the substances unavailable in their country or state. Others want to enjoy a relaxed environment and a new culture. Most people who engage in drug tourism believe they’re helping the local economy and not hurting themselves.

Prescription drugs are also a part of drug tourism. Tourists sometimes try to get a cheaper prescription for something they need because of the expensive prescription drugs in their location. Most people who engage in drug tourism are either looking for more affordable medications or simply searching for a memorable experience.

Southeast Asia is amongst the top hotspots for drug tourists, making it even more attractive. Most people who engage in drug tourism know of the medical, social, and legal risks of using drugs. However, some believe drug use is less dangerous when traveling, while others take prescriptions to reduce hazards.

The Danger of Drug Use and Drug Tourism

Drug use affects the body in different ways. The effect often depends on several factors like the amount consumed and existing health conditions. Several harmful drugs like heroin, Valium, Xanax, and many more can create a numbing effect that could become addictive. These types of drugs usually set the user up for an overdose.

Apart from the drugs, some factors could make the substances you take dangerous. Combining drugs or your method of use sometimes severely impacts you. It could be more hazardous when you inject or snort drugs because they enter the bloodstream even quicker. This process usually increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases.

The longer you use a drug, the more likely you’ll develop long-term health problems. These long-term effects could be lung diseases, cancer, and the risk of developing a blood-borne illness. There are also physical effects and mental health effects to worry about. Some widespread problems that drug abusers suffer from are withdrawal and dependence. These dangers multiply when you go for drug tourism in Durham because you’re most likely buying drugs from an unknown source.

Drug Tourism and Addiction

Drug abuse disorder can affect anyone. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that addiction is a chronic disease. Most people living with a drug abuse disorder usually have a compulsive urge to get the drugs despite the dangerous consequences. Even though the initial decision to start taking drugs is voluntary, most people have a dependence which causes cravings and the inability to feel normal when sober.

Drugs affect people’s brains differently, so there are different paths to addiction. Factors like mental disorders and family history can sometimes cause a person to develop a drug abuse disorder. Indulging in drug tourism in Durham can lead to addiction to opioids and several other drugs. When control is beyond you, you need professional help. Drug abuse recovery is severe and necessary to get your life and goals back on track.

Contact Carolina Recovery Center in Durham for Drug Addiction Recovery Services

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