The Challenges and Triumphs of Overcoming Opioid Addiction

Arriving at your initial appointment at our Raleigh recovery center is the first step in a long and complex journey to overcoming opioid addiction. It is a journey dotted with many pitfalls, but also with great achievements, which are worth celebrating.

Today we will talk about both the ups and downs of this journey and why starting it is worth any effort and difficulty.

The First Challenge: The Stigma Associated With Opioid Addiction

Compared to other substances, opioids are legitimate drugs prescribed by doctors. Thus, many people manage to keep their addiction even from close friends and family members. They do not see themselves as addicts – and will go to great lengths to avoid being perceived as such.

Let us face it: any kind of addiction brings about stigma in all the circles – professional, social, and family. Thus, the first challenge in getting treatment for opioid addiction is having the courage to open up to your nearest and dearest and ask for help.

The First Triumph: Avoiding the Risk of an Overdose

Once you seek help from rehab professionals and enter a program, you will be closely monitored. The doctors will decide on the best way to reduce the intake of opioids. Many patients need a carefully planned detox program because they have been taking dangerously high doses of the drug.

Many of them were one step away from overdosing and losing their life. Others decided to overcome opioid addiction after surviving such an episode.

A Common Challenge for Patients: Self-Doubt

Many patients are hesitant about pursuing addiction treatment because they don’t believe they will overcome it. Addiction takes away a person’s self-esteem, keeping them prisoner in a vicious cycle of trying to quit and relapse.

This type of doubt is sometimes projected outside the patient – to their family, their Raleigh recovery center therapist, and the treatment plan.

self doubt is a major challenge to addiction recovery

A Big Triumph: Detox

Once the opioids are out of your system, it feels like a thick veil is lifted from your brain. Colors are more vivid, food has a great taste again, and you rediscover the joy of living.

For some patients, it is more difficult to perceive this positive outcome of the treatment. But everyone admits that detox was a turning point in their lives.

The Challenge Lurking Around the Corner: Withdrawal Symptoms

Detox brings about one of the worst phases of overcoming opioid addiction. The symptoms can be quite severe, such as:

  • Severe muscle and joint pain
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

The good news is that the physical symptoms of withdrawal will disappear after a week since starting the treatment. However, they will be followed by emotional symptoms, such as depression and anxiety.

The Big Triumph: Living Your Life Drug-Free

All the pain and negative emotional states are worthwhile once you complete the addiction treatment. You will be able to focus your mind and become the top-notch professional you used to be. You will be the loving and devoted friend, sibling, spouse, and parent everyone knew.

And, even though you will still have the lurking fear of relapsing every once in a while, our medical professionals,  therapists, and support staff are here for you. We will teach you solid coping mechanisms and how to recognize and avoid triggers.

Find Long-Term Support for Overcoming Opioid Addiction at Our Raleigh Recovery Center!

The team at our Raleigh recovery center is ready to provide you with a safe environment, where you can overcome opioid addiction. We will be right by your side to support you during every challenge and help you celebrate every triumph.

You don’t have to live under the control of opioids. Contact us today at 984-223-5341 to start on your journey to a drug-free life!