Top Myths about Addiction and Treatment

Many people do not get the help they need, because they believe various myths about addiction. Instead of reaching out to our specialists at the rehab center in Durham, they keep their problem hidden and are afraid to tell their problem to anyone.

They think that everyone else holds the same ideas and will not do anything to help them. And this is why myths about alcohol and drug addiction are so dangerous. Let’s debunk them one by one.

Only Bad People End Up Addicted to Something

Drug, opiates or alcohol addiction can happen to the best of people. They may end up making bad choices, but this is a result of addiction.

Honest, hard-working, devout, friendly people can end up with chronic pain after an accident and become addicted to opiates. The same people can experience a sudden trauma and find refuge in alcohol or drugs.

Once they are cured of their addiction, they will be the same good people they used to be.

Addiction Is a Choice – You Can Stop If You Really Want to

The most recent view on addiction is that it is a health condition, similar to mental health issues. Just as you cannot stop depression or PTSD, you cannot stop addiction. Many drugs, especially methamphetamine, change the brain chemistry.

Addiction is deeply seated into the organ that controls our entire body, our thoughts and emotions. Without specialized treatment, quitting certain drugs can be even dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms are powerful and put both the addict and those around them in danger.

incorrect information is highly detrimental to addicts and their families

Addicts Are Not Capable of Holding a Job

Many relatives and friends of people struggling with substance abuse believe this myth about addiction. This is why they do not intervene, as long as they see their loved one having a job and being well groomed.

High-functioning addicts are able to hold jobs involving important decision making and handle themselves perfectly during professional and social functions. However, they need family support, maybe even an intervention, to put addiction behind them.

Alcohol Addiction Is Not So Bad

No addiction is less dangerous than another. Whether it’s alcohol, meth or painkillers, addiction will cause both physical and mental health problems. Sometimes, addiction results in death.

Being a bit too fond of the bottle, having one too many – these are euphemisms that try to downplay a very severe health problem. Thus, if you feel that a loved one drinks too much, talk to the doctors at our Durham recovery center to create a plan to help them.

Once You Complete the Rehab Program, You’re in the Clear

Fighting addiction is a long-term journey, not a quick fix. Our therapists encourage patients to come back for additional one-on-one sessions or group therapies whenever they feel vulnerable.

Triggers and temptations continue to exist in the world outside the walls of the recovery center. And sometimes people feel weak and relapse. However, they can still be saved – over and over again, for as many times as it is necessary.

Find Effective Solutions to Fight Addiction at Our Durham Recovery Center!

As you can see, the main danger of myths about addiction is that it keeps people from receiving the help they need. If you have a problem with substance abuse or know someone who might suffer from addiction, take action.

At our rehab center in Durham, you will get answers you can trust and a tailored treatment plan that will put you on the right road to recovery.

Do not postpone seeking help – call us today to schedule an appointment at: 984-223-5341!