Choosing the Right Rehab Center in Durham

If you made the choice to start on the journey to recovery from addiction, the next step is finding a rehab center in Durham. You will find many ads and Google search results, but how do you make a choice?

Here are the most important things to look for.

1. Location and Setting

A rehab center should be within a reasonable driving distance from where you live. This will allow your family members and friends to visit. Since family involvement is crucial during rehab, they should be able to reach the center quite easily. Also, you may opt for an outpatient treatment program (more on this later). Thus, you should be able to commute from home or work to the rehab center within a reasonable time.

Secondly, the setting is very important for your recovery. It should be a pleasant and peaceful place where you feel safe. This is essential for building trust with your doctors and facing your worst fears during withdrawal.

2. Types of Treatment Programs Available for Patients

Our doctors recommend inpatient rehab programs because you will be away from all triggers and other negative factors that push you toward addiction. Also, we can monitor you 24/7 and help you when you have severe withdrawal symptoms.

However, this is not feasible for anyone. Many people have job and family commitments that they cannot put on hold for weeks.

For this reason, we also offer outpatient programs. You will spend several hours each day in group therapy or doing other prescribed treatments. This allows you to undergo rehab treatment discreetly, sharing the information only with people you trust.

3. Therapy Options

Our rehab center in Durham offers science-based treatments for various types of addictions: drugs, alcohol, opioids, etc. We offer a holistic approach which involves:

  • Medication-based detox
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Family involvement.

This way, we ensure that you benefit from both physical treatment and emotional support during this challenging moment in your life.

make the right choice and join a rehab program

4. Continuous Care

The road to sobriety does not end after you complete the rehab program. Many patients express the fear that they may relapse in the future. To prevent this, we offer consistent aftercare programs to former patients.

You can check in again for any period of time, or schedule one-on-one sessions with your therapist during difficult periods. We can also guide you toward other alternative programs that would be beneficial to you, such as joining a club or volunteering for rehab-related causes.

5. Ratings and Reviews

Last but not least, you should check the ratings and testimonials left by former patients, either on Google or on the website of the rehab center. These online reviews will give you an idea of how the staff treats the patients, the success rate of the center, and whether it is a good fit for your needs.

You are also welcome to schedule a tour of the facilities and observe how patients and therapists interact, as well as the standard of care and accommodations.

Get the Help You Need at Our Rehab Center in Durham!

Joining a rehab program is a complex and sensitive decision for anyone. You want to be reassured that you will be able to get clean and stay sober in the long term. You are still conflicted and worried about your addiction problem being known by everyone in your life. And you also feel helpless and scared.

At our rehab center in Durham, we make sure that you feel safe and comfortable and can focus on your recovery with peace of mind. We will include anyone you trust in your rehab program and select the best therapies to ensure long-term sobriety.


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