5 Things that Help with Drug Detox

When you sign up for a drug detox program at our rehab center in Durham, you may think that it’s all about getting medications under a doctor’s supervision. In reality, a successful rehabilitation involves a complete change in your lifestyle.

This is how you manage to put drug use behind you and become the best version of yourself. In our experience, patients need the following five things in order to successfully complete the detox program and stay sober for the long term.

1. Detox under Medical Supervision

This is the first and most important aspect of an effective detox program. You cannot quit drugs cold turkey. In most of the cases, the addiction is both physical and psychological. You will need both medication and therapy to overcome it.

Also, the withdrawal symptoms are extremely powerful and dangerous – both for the recovering addict and for those around them. This is why it is actually unsafe for you and your loved ones to simply stop taking drugs in the hope that you will overcome addiction.

2. A Strong Support System

The fact that you cannot detox at home does not mean that you should be isolated from your family during the process. On the contrary, the presence of your family members and friends is essential for your recovery.

They will provide you with emotional support, motivation and the love and compassion you need during this difficult journey. Our doctors place a huge importance on family involvement in your drug detox program and will create a specific plan that includes them.

3. Healthy Nutrition

Food is extremely important during drug rehab. Many addicts have poor nutrition and often go without food for days. Either they use the money to procure drugs or they experience one of the common side effects of drugs: lack of appetite.

This means that, by the time you talk to the doctors at our Durham recovery center your body suffers from poor nutrition and even has a changed metabolism. As part of the treatment, we will ensure that you eat healthy food, containing the right quantity of necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins.

You will need a strong and healthy body to enjoy your new life, so we will make sure that we teach you healthy eating habits together with coping mechanisms.

we take a scientific approach to drug rehabilitation

4. Lots of Sleep

Sleep is the mechanism that allows our body to replenish energy and our brain to rest in order to function properly. Unfortunately, insomnia and sleep disturbances are some of the most common side effects of drug use.

While you are undergoing rehab at our center, you will enjoy a calm and peaceful atmosphere that helps you regain a full night’s sleep. Our doctors will also help you with supplements and medications you can safely take until your sleeping-waking cycles are fully restored.

5. Counseling and Therapy

Drug use often comes as a result of mental health conditions or triggers their onset. For this reason, you will have to undergo therapy to resolve these issues, as well. It is the only way of avoiding a relapse and being able to truly start your life anew.

Start Your Recovery Journey at Our Durham Recovery Center!

Drug detox is not easy – but it is the only way of restarting your life and rebuilding relationships with your loved ones. You must remember that you are not alone in this process – and you should not do it on your own.

At our rehab center in Durham, you will get help from a team of experienced and compassionate doctors. We will also include your family and friends in the process, so you will never feel abandoned.

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