Drug Abuse Recovery: Detoxing from Alcohol in Raleigh, NC

Hundreds of people in the world experience different kinds of addictions. Drug abuse recovery helps those individuals get their life back on track. One of these addictions is alcohol addiction. Anyone going through the rehabilitation process knows that even a slight amount of alcohol can trigger their addiction. Thus, recovering alcoholics stay away from alcohol and food items using alcohol. Most people wonder whether consuming alcohol-based food ruins their progress or not. No matter how insignificant the concentration of alcohol in a dish might be, it will still affect the person’s body. After all, no one wishes to ruin their progress. Drug abuse recovery in Raleigh, NC, or any other place is complicated. Do not consume anything which jeopardizes your ongoing progress.

Alcoholics are at a higher risk of developing liver diseases. People who consume alcohol every day have fatty tissues and hepatic steatosis. Forty to fifty percent of these tissues transform into a life-threatening disease. Excessive use of any item is harmful to human health. Individuals should opt for treatment as soon as possible. Long-term use of alcohol leads to other problems as well. You put yourself and people around you in various problems because of one poor habit.

How Do Alcoholic Consumables Affect Your Drug Abuse Recovery in Raleigh, NC?

If you are going through drug abuse recovery in Raleigh, NC, you should carefully plan your meals. These days almost every product has traces of alcohol in it. From ice creams to candies and other food items, alcohol is everywhere. Sometimes, people don’t mention it, but alcohol is an ingredient in their dish. Such food items have alcohol as a hidden ingredient. Often big brands use wines for flavoring food items. Eating these meals will threaten your recovery as even a minor quantity of alcohol can trigger your addiction.

It is essential to have information regarding the food you eat. Find out the ingredients used in the making process and eat foods free of alcohol. If you are in the recovery process, avoid eating the following foods:

Candies and Chocolates:

Several types of candies and chocolates are prepared using alcohol. Manufacturers use alcohol to flavor different kinds of sweets. If you are a recovering alcoholic, avoid such alcohol-rich treats. You might develop an unwanted addiction due to excessive consumption of sweets.


Most dessert items have alcohol as their main ingredient. From tiramisu to glazes and jellies, there can be alcohol in almost anything. So, avoid desserts whenever possible.


Nonalcoholic wines are not alcohol-free. There are traces of alcohol in them, so do not consume them while in the recovery phase.

Cooking Ingredients:

Various cooking ingredients might have alcohol as an ingredient. These include portions of pasta, cooking wines, and barbecue sauces. Avoid adding them to your food or using them in bulk.

After-Effects of Using Alcoholic Consumables:

Even though a negligible amount of alcohol seems harmless, it can affect your recovery. People addicted to alcohol should avoid all kinds of foods, even with traces of alcohol. Sometimes an insignificant dose of alcohol could cause a relapse. There are several issues experienced after consuming alcoholic consumables such as:

  • Increased Risk of Relapse:

Using alcoholic consumables increases the chances of a relapse. People who have had no issues for months could suddenly feel the urge to drink.

  • Slows Down Recovery:

Anyone going through the recovery process will face trouble after consuming alcohol-based food. The association and old memories might come back and weaken your determination.

  • Creates Challenges:

Resisting snacks having alcohol is quite difficult. The more you eat such foods, the harder it is to come out completely clean.

An increase in the use of alcohol in food products is troubling. Local authorities implement various laws which state that any item having 0.5% alcohol will be equivalent to alcoholic drinks. These items are charged and taxed in the same manner as alcohol.

Get Help for Your Addiction from the Best Place Near You:

Drug abuse recovery in Raleigh, NC, is tiring. You need to have the determination and focus to achieve your goal as alcohol is an addictive substance. Anyone who wishes to overcome this addiction needs all the help possible. The first thing to do is avoid all kinds of substances having alcohol. Addicts should even avoid food items made in alcohol as anything could trigger the issue. Avoiding harmful items is the first step towards recovery.

Apart from food items, you should use the services of good rehabs. Our therapists solve your problems; they address your issues and assist you in getting better. No matter what kind of problems occur during the recovery process, we provide emotional support. With our trained professionals, you will be free of addictions in no time.